Program 2021


16:00h Welcome and Congress platform presentation

16:10h Congress Presentation

  • Sergio Monge (Presidente ANECPLA)

16:20h Inaugural conference

  • Termite species in the world and their control options. Dr. Nan Yao Su (University of Florida)


  • 16:45h Wood rehabilitation solutions without the possibility of treatment. Dr.Alfonso Basterra (University of Valladolid,UVA)
  • 17:00h Durability of tropical woods. Dra. Maite Troya (INIA)
  • 17:15h Intervention in the "Casita del Principe". Alicia Jacoste y Estibalitz Chamorro (Patrimonio Nacional)

17:30h Open discussion

17:40h Sponsors Presentations

  • 17:40h Killgerm: "Biological Treatments Woodworm", Speaker: Josep Parnau Fayet
  • 17:50h BASF: "Preventive use of Termidor SC.Benefits for the protection of Wood in Spain and Portugal", speaker: Paulo CoutoJuan Carlos Ruiz


  • 18:00h Methodologies for characterization of pathological processes. Dra Eva Hermoso (INIA)
  • 18:15h Grafting, wood reconstruction. Dr. Mikel Landa (Lo-Arquitectos)
  • 18:30h Polychrome Wood and biological attack: saving the skin. Laura Ceballos (IPCE)

18:45h Open discussion

18:55h End of the first day of Congress



16:00h Introduction Operation Congress Online

16:10h Opening conference

  • Latest advances in protection by design for sustainable wood construction. Dr. Juan I. Fernández-Golfín (INIA).


  • 16:35h Use of chitosan oligomers, propolis and nanosilver in the protection of wood. Dr. Luis Acuña (UVA)
  • 16:50h Durability problems in wooden structures under class of use 2. Dr.Alfonso Lozano (UniOvi)
  • 17:05h Case Study: Strategy for the eradication of the subterranean termite, Reticulitermes flavipes, in Tenerife island. Dr. David Hernández Teixidor (CSIC).

17:20h Open discussion

17:30h Sponsors Presentations

  • 17:30h Mylva: "Mylva solutions for the control of Xilofagos", speaker: Julio Perez Trujillo
  • 17:40h Sanitrade: "Termite Baits: Efficacy, Palatability and Durability of Sentritech Hig Density Matrix”, speaker: Marcelo Chabrillón


  • 17:50h Figures in forgings attacked by xylophages. Josu Benito (TECNALIA)
  • 18:05h Innovation in wood repair and reinforcement: Project RESTRUCTMAD. Miguel Ángel Abián (AIDIMME)
  • 18:20h Termites and other wood infestation insects: current and emerging risks. Magdalena Kutnik (FCBA)

18:35h Open discussion

18:45h Closure